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Very Important - Please Read

Shirt Measurement

  • These shirts are made to order so we cannot accept returns.
  • These are not custom fitted shirts.  We alter manufactured shirts that are commonly used in the rental industry.  The body of the shirt tends to run large to accommodate all body sizes.
  • We ask for waist size to determine if we need to give you a fitted shirt.  Even with a fitted shirt the seam may be past the shoulder if you have a slight frame.  The body of the shirt may still be large because the waist size will be the same size as the chest.
  • Any error in shirt neck size, sleeve length, or shirt style that is made by us will be picked up and corrected at no charge.
  • We highly recommend you watch our video on how to properly measure your neck and sleeve.  You do not measure from the seam at your shoulder.  The measurement starts at the spine below the neck, down to a slightly bent elbow and to where you want the cuff to end.  Oftentimes you can find the neck and sleeve length on the neck tag of a dress shirt hanging in your closet.  Our men’s shirts start at a 32-33” sleeve length.  Unless you are shorter than 5’1” you will probably not need a sleeve smaller than that.  If in doubt about sleeve length you are better off getting too large than small.  If the sleeve length is to long you can have it altered locally.  If you order undersized you will have to return the shirt and the fabric will have to be replaced at a minimum cost of $40. 



  • Our ASU substitute is a standard dress shirt or tuxedo shirt.  It’s what 100’s of members of the US Army have used for their party shirts.  It is not a regulation shirt.  There are no applets on the shoulders or front pockets with flaps.   When the jacket is on it looks like you are in regulation because those areas are covered.  ASU shirts are not available to us at wholesale pricing.  The manufactures of your shirts are contracted out by the government or by supply houses (Marlow).  If you feel you must have an ASU shirt you will have to send one to us to be altered.  If that option is chosen you will receive a $10 discount.
  • We cannot match blouses for women in the US Army that are regulation.  If you want us to make your party shirt you will have to send us a shirt.


Air Force

  • Standard AF mess dress is a lay down collar, pleated front, French cuff tuxedo shirt.  Some click on wing tip when ordering.  Although you may think it applies to the AF it is not what regs require. 

Common Questions

  • If you don’t see the fabric you want or want a fabric not on our site show us where to get it and we will bring it in.
  • Please don’t ask us to create custom fabrics with copyrighted images.  You must show proof of ownership  or  a letter releasing us / giving us permission to use the image.
  • If you want different sleeves than the back panel order the shirt back only.  Then go to ‘alternate sleeves’ category (towards bottom of left column) and click on it.  Most times you will choose ‘pick a fabric’ and write in the name/s of the fabric you want.
  • If you are worried about delivery time because your fabric is not in the $79 category call or email us to check availability.  We have hundreds of fabrics in stock.  If it’s not in stock it usually only takes 3-4 days to get it in.  Most shirts even when not in stock are delivered in less than two weeks. 
  • APO, AE, overseas addresses cannot be tracked after leaving the US.  From what we have heard it takes about two weeks after shipping.  We ship all order priority mail which usually arrives at their destination 2 – 3 days after shipping.
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